5:43 Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

I’m relying on my words to be up in a better place/
I’m never buzzing yet but my lyrics and flow they outer space/
That I’m drifting to a side of me I never had replaced/
So I’m writing all these scriptures now I’m running out of space/
It’s a race up to the top so I’m giving all that I got they say Xenial’s never hip/
How’d I make your chick hop?/
I’ll never stop this newest chapter I’m plugged in like an adapter/
In fact I’ll be the new actor of rap so I would just plaster all/
Of the hate that I got on a wall p*ss on it and burn it down since I never had gall/
And they’d regret they never lined me up with rappers at all/
So I’m cutting off the ladders as I laugh at they fall/
So what if people think I’m wylin meanwhile I’m still here just smiling rerouting my newest routes and I’m lifting off like a pilot man f**k who ya’ll would be liking/
I got sh*t to prove/
From the A where people think rappers are mumble rap dudes/
So I come to make this track to simply spit a new fact and attack every hater or blog post that would slack/
On me so I kick back in fact I’m busting sh*t back/
To prove I’m not a one hit wonder with the Lost @ 2 track and that/
Really kills me cause these stats have gotten lower/
Do I need to make songs for people crying on shoulders?/
F**k that cause really man I write what I feel/
And at the moment I feel no remorse at night when I spill/
These lyrical ink blots so now I would take shots and aim it at my aggressors and pull till the pain stops/
And pop me another perc as I make this addiction worse/
As I ask what am I doing with lyrics that’s been unearthed/
And people thinkin I’m cursed but honestly it’s the same/
Cause I changed a lot with this new image I made/
But f**k it it’s all okay it’s what just comes with the game/
So let me switch the character at this new time of day/

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