4Jeez Lyrics

QuadNiggaz Lyrics

Super Kyle flew into the scene
Vowing to vanquish all deadbeat daddies
And n***as with too many chains, okay
Don't got no gold but my record is platinum
So picture perfect I don't need a caption
I don't give a f**k 'bout how long you been rappin'
Got flow so old I could spit 'em in Latin
My n***a, what's happenin'?
The only thing you blowin' up is a mattress
I'm in the studio making a cla**ic
Okay, are we starting? Hey-ey-ey
Reportin' live from planet basic
We talk a lot but we don't ever say sh*t
Sayin' something that we truly feel
But that's just not in the conversation
I'm semi-famous
Kinda ain't sh*t
Kinda sorta like almost made it
It's like I went from star in the making
To "Oh yeah him, yеah I hope he makes it"
Whеn the hell did all that begin?
I know something only I know
I got super powers but that's something only I know
What I want is mine if I say it in my mind though
Teach you if I had time, yeah, do I got the time? No
Sh*t these n***as dream about is not even a milestone
Call up Dr. Seuss, I think they running out of rhymes though
Jugging and finessing, we've heard that a hundred times though
N***as keep repeating theyself like they in a vine
In a vine, in a vine though
Why they gotta lie, though?
Say them diamonds dancing homie, we know that it's rhinestones
I don't got a 'rari but my whip is really mine though
I don't got no thotties but I know my b*t*h is fine though

Baby, I'm a savage
I got some shooters that'll cook a n***a cabbage
My daddy didn't marry my mama, so it turned me to a b*st*rd
Only n***a feed the homeless and don't claim it on his taxes
Corona f**king up the bag, it got the streets rumblin'
I'm serving n***as drywall, I had to P somethin'
She suck a lot of d**k, I can tell 'cause her knees ugly
Shawn scooped me in the Lam', dawg, this n***a tryna be funny
B*t*h i swear to god million dollars look as lovely as Rihanna
Ain't no love and hip hop
You not tammy I'm not waka
We ain't letting sh*t slide spot a baka then I drop em
And of course I'm f**kin raw so why you ask me for a condom
Ain't no n***a with me starving if I got it then he got it
I got plans to hear, tell my b*t*h hand me beer 'cause I got my mans in here
Chandelier when I pull through the block with a droptop, cherry colored Panamera
Almost got jammed this year
So I lied to my momma, told her no more scams this year
Tried to swipe me up ten milly cash
Pullin' these scams this year

Ay who got change for a penny
My pockets so full its empty
I was so F**king hungry I went to McDonald's
And got me a Chick Fil-A Sandwich from Wendy's
She sucking my d**k while she kissing me too
I be lying so much I be telling the truth
She mopping the gra** while she water my garden
My favorite ball player is LeBron James Harden
I was not born on my birthday it's October 33rd
I don't like playing soccer, cause the dolphins beat the spurs
I'm not having no more kids if I get pregnant its gone' hurt
Thank God That I'm an atheist my uncle ate my bird
I told the uber that I'm straight, he gay, he still had made the turn
My girlfriend told her boyfriend that he cheated on her with her
R.I.P she lost her life, but then she found it in her purse
My daughter's dad is stupid he ain't never meet his flesh
My mom couldn't have me so when she gave birth she had an abortion when I was like six
They keep callin' me gay but I'm not that's my boyfriend, he straight but he really attracted to men
If you bark like a dog Imma bark like a tree cause I'm grabbin' a stick, I'ma shoot at your pit
My brother is weird he was beatin' his meat and I really seen him take his d**k out his clit

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