400 Miles from Flagstaff Lyrics

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400 Miles from Flagstaff my woman done turn on me
She said I really don’t like the way we’re living and I think I want to be free
I said there ain’t no gun pointed at your head no chains wrapped around your feet
You can jump right here at Victorville or we can get a little something to eat
Thought I heard was silence I knew she had an appet**e
400 Miles from Flagstaff ain’t doing alright

300 Miles from Flagstaff she said I know you Phil
But the way you carry on banging on them drums don’t give me much of a thrill
You said you was gonna be famous you said you’re gonna be a star
And now you spend your life driving through the God damn desert
Just to play at some God damn bar
Honey I beg your pardon you know I never promised you a rainbow
300 Miles from Flagstaff and we’re doing alright
And we’re doing alright we’re doing alright
Doing alright ah break it down

200 Miles from Flagstaff she really was bringing me down
All up in my head with all the things that she said
I guess I really was a clown
I said two wind this is my last trip I finally got to hang it up
She said spinners and quitters just shook her head but you swore you’d never give up
I quit the wheel put my foot down hard stared straight into her eyes
200 Miles from Flagstaff and we’re doing alright
100 Miles from Flagstaff I said I think we ought to get us a room
Oh but everywhere we looked everything was booked from now until the next full moon
And when the morning come we were back on the road
We ain’t giving up the fight

400 Miles from Flagstaff and we’re doing alright
400 Miles from Flagstaff hey we’re doing alright
We’re doing alright
We’re doing alright
We’re doing alright oh yeah

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