3st Cypher 2 Lyrics

3st Lyrics

Apparently our last cypher
Actually made too much sense


Ah sh*t

People wanna hear stuff
That makes absolutely no sense
That sounds really cool tough
So we gotta give it another shot
We gotta do a sequel!

Oh, I know...
I know how we get that done

Version two?

Brandon, get on the track!

Do it!


It's the return of
The suburban raised nuisances
The stupid kids who think
They got a clue what rap music is
Ask who calls me daddy
I'll say "go ask your mom"
She rubs my p*n*s on her lips
Because my d**k is the balm
I go zombie on that pu**y
Like I'm tripping off of bath salts
Her booty beat me black and blue
Call that a**ault
She dumb as f**k
But I like her for her looks
I don't c*m inside her
But I beat around her bush
Pokemon Go with Obama
Call him Gym Leader Barrack
This trainer's all about that ba**
And she making it drop
I accidentally plowed your b*t*h
Yeah, that happens a lot
This kid is rapping like a prison
Got these bars on lock
Music gives me an erection
I go hard on the beat
Haters say that I'm a pu**y
But you are what you eat
I met a girl named Taylor
We're Swiftly making moves
She told me that she would blow me
As if she played the flute
We were gonna get kinky
Like we Anastasia and Christian
But she didn't let me finish
Now my balls are fifty shades of blue

That's E.L. Lame
It's about to be a bumpy ride
You're gonna wanna
Buckle that seatbelt, babe
Otherwise you might f**king die
Wanna know what the world needs?
Put my last name first
I don't understand
How the rap game works
It ain't about talent, cause if it was
How the f**k is Jacob Sartorius
Making far more than us?
F**k a sweatshirt
Your biscuit limp like Fred Durst
I'm overdosing on ibuprofen
My head hurts
When I hear your sh*t
It just gets worse
You got them chains
But that's pocket change
To my net worth
Two EPs deep
And they already call me an expert
No watered down sh*t gonna quench 3st
I'm on top of my game
But I still haven't written by best verse
Suplex a beat like a wrestler
I'm a hip hop alien
Don't be shocked when my chest burst
When I want a b*t*h
All I gotta do is just text her
I'm the general of her privates
Got that pu**y screaming like "yes sir!"
I call my testicles Smith and Wesson
I'm armed and ready
I'm locked and loaded
She's dynamite, and she's mine tonight
She lit the fuse
And my c*ck exploded
Your girl ain't got no a** at all
My girl's a** look like basketballs
While I'm out here smashing fashion models
You're jacking off to the catalogue
Your flow is limited
My flow is infinite
Ignorant listeners can't tell the difference
Look at her face
And you thinking she innocent
But she dirty like the water in Michigan
I been living as a rap game immigrant
Soon I'm gonna become
A naturalized citizen
With an electric flow so current
The beat lights up like a filament
I'm attacking the degenerates
Evacuate the premises
My rapping is impressive, b*t*h
I practically invented this
I'm acting like the president
But I'm actually a peasant
Mothaf**ka must've found
A way to rig the game
F**k the rules
I'm licking the spoon
I don't care if they notice
The minute I'm stepping up into the room
The party people go nuts
I'm imminent doom with a tick and a boom
'Cause I'm about to blow up
And if you been sleeping on me
That's a big mistake

Alright, hit the brakes
Listen up all you mothaf**kas
I got sh*t to say
How many times are these rappers
Gonna say the same sh*t
In a different way?
Spit fire in her v*****
Melt that pu**y into a liquid state
And I thought I saw your b*t*h's name
On the list of babes that I did today
I put so much life on the track
The dead come back reanimated
You're ripped and crumpled up scrap paper
I'm so important, I'm laminated
I'm Bruce Banner on gamma rays
I'm a rogue soldier with a hand grenade
My flow so cold, I got frostbite
And the doctors had to amputate
I got a text from my ex telling me
She really really wanna get back with me
I said, "call me back when you figure out
How to contour your personality"
Got a suicide girl
Harley Quinn
And I'm Mistah J with a gnarly grin
She a hot commodity
Top quality
Your girl's out the bargain bin
She letting everybody get it
Except you
You're never gonna
Get poon in the bedroom
'Cause when you drop trou
And take your c*ck out
She's not proud
And then you get boo'ed
Like Ted Cruz
You a prima donna
Disrespectful queen of drama
I feel like John Bonham
On the thirty-ninth shot of vodka
'Cause I'mma keep going if it kills me
We the best in history
And we always will be
I confess
We murdered this beat
In the first degree
Consider us guilty

How'd we do?
How was that?

I think we f**ked it up again, guys


It made too much sense!


Damn it!
We're incapable of sucking!

We'll never get signed

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