30 x Fumez the Engineer – Plugged In Lyrics

30 (B Side) Lyrics

ErrorBeats made this
You already know what's going on
30 from the B, Plugged In with Fumez
Is this you, Mendi?
Plugged in the streets, yeah?
Free the hitters every time
Gang sh*t

They don't know who was up in that whip , p*ssed, the jakes couldn't make man stick
Little bro just run up and done him with the flicks
Tripped, came back with blood on his kicks
When I saw ****, try hit him with a blick
When we saw ****, try hit him with a blick
**** got hit with a blick and we would've caught **** if he weren't so quick
If I didn't do it, I basically did 'cah I funded the stick that was used for that hit
Shoot on sight, I click-click-click then I hop right back in the whip-whip-whip
Keep gettin' drawn out, need to flip these bricks, two hands on a steerin' wheel like Thе Stig
Keep gettin' drawn out, need to flip these bricks, two hands on a steerin' wheel likе The Stig
B*t*h, I don't know about star signs , I only know how to load up a star .9
Load up the sticks with hollows, that's carbine, handle the dinger 'cause little bro can't drive
Tell the opps to slide, I stay with them gunners, got toys to play
Tryna pop new tings with attachments, trip and you're red, Coi
Four pipes and this SVR hit roarin'
He got wetted up like he went snorkelin'
Hit him with the trey deuce or the .44 ting
Air ambulance gonna have to respawn him
Got a brick of raw and my stick, of course
That's a L if the jakes come and kick this door
Put the whip in sport, got flizz in my pores
Latex on when I grip that torch
Go-go-go on equipped, I'm talkin' 'bout drills
When we glide, we want that kill
Headshots only, aim above waist, won't be the first time that we caught us a K
**** got burnt like a incense, shot in his chest, now, it looks like a string vest
Don't ask if my YGs ching, yeah, step with the shank, so I cop straps, give them
When me and Sav pull up, you saw my hood up, locked off the party
And **** ain't got no get backs from when he got bored in front of his barbie
And **** done left him, I don't even know how he's still your bredrin
**** kicked off his door and cheffed him
Two rolls down, saw **** and he kwenged him
Oh, wait, I forgot to mention, me, Reckz **** in the barbers fencin'
Then **** dropped his sword and ran out the door like a f**kin' penguin
**** got bored so much, shank tore through his guts when the mandem left him
What a shame that his best friend left him, it should have been his face up on that pendant
Feel like a scrub in my best friend's ride, jump out, no scraps 'cah I roll with my .9
Pull down my mask like I'm closin' a blind, shell cases on the floor like I'm rollin' some dice
Give it to Bucky B, he's a butcher
I see him come back with blood on his jooker
Graveyard shifts in the T like Booker
Spin it in the microwave or the cooker
You can get it on the arm if you got good credit
I can hit him with the arm or jump out and cheff him
And you don't wanna buck Sav with ReckIt
Two shanks twinnin', they're both gonna wet him
Still step with it when I'm in denim
I been had straps, should've been in my lesson
Known convicted felon, make sure you don't lack when you buck through the 7

Fumez The Engineer
ErrorBeats made this

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