24/7 vs Eurgh Lyrics

24/7 Lyrics

Alright, first off … Them dumb sh*t clothes … I must diss those
You’ve actually come dressed like Eminem in 8 Mile when he’s gazing out the bus window
You’ve come to this clash bummy you’ll not find my raps funny
So after this battle my colorful lines are gonna keep running around your head like that skully
Cuz Sketch Menace dissed Don’t Flop, I think about it every day
They’re like 'you’re back on King Of The Dot Eurgh
You finally got a chance to set it straight'
Well I have no beef with Sketch Menace, so bruv, just let me just say
Good luck in your battle this weekend ... Ohhhhh wait!
What’s up to the staff though? I see a lot of screwfaces when I step on stage
But f**k anybody hatin' and I’m still the best, it won’t ever change
But this ain’t King Of The Dot, it's more like Bang Bros with Jenna Haze
Cuz when I say suck my d**k, I’m still getting paid
On your wedding day, I’d bet you’ll play Rack City as you’re striding to the exit
Barack would be your favorite president but he ain’t white so he forgets it
Only f**king morons find your kind of sh*t impressive, you’re like a Sibian machine
Your bars are only built for the d**k riders to connect with
But, ohhhhh 'I'm like an engine, I’ve got a hood sound
No, I’m like a wind screen, you better look out
No, I’m like a new steering wheel, I got a good round.'
No, you’re like an accelerator pedal, getting put down
How you gonna go on bad bars, act mad racist and too rude
Then call Bagnall to edit the clip after a few views
We were filming it for public release and you knew
He’s like 'I just think it would be smoother with those bits out.'
I’m thinking 'bruv it's YouTube, not f**king fruit juice.'
So what Mister Cameron Buckles is p*ssed?
We didn’t edit his anti black power, racist speech
It ain’t Gucci now he’s in the middle with a G that’ll snap down impatiently
Trust me I almost backed out, amazingly
Cuz buckles nah I refuse to rap round these waste emcees
This ain’t SMACK, I’ll go hard in the first, third and second round
I got nuff bars, I could battle 24, 7 rounds
This is depressin to watch, nah nah nah this is depressin to watch
I should buy 24 7 pounds, cuz that b*t*h 24/7 pounds weighs about 24-7 pounds
If I put buckles under pressure I bet he buckles under pressure
That b*t*h is fat she goes on top it looks like Buckles under Precious
I give a f**k if you're offended try me pu**y I'll be swingin hands
I'll put a black eye on this white boy
I'll be tinting cam like filters on Instagram
F**kin go man

Yo, he’s right I did ask him to edit them clips out
I figured I should try, it's not cuz I was scared they'd think I was racist
It's just cuz the camera wasn't on my good side
You think I'm racist? If you think that you would have to be blind
How could I be racist? I mean c'mon I've hung out with Ness Lee like three times
Yo listen you're a fake host and a battle groupie
You wanna know what rhymes with a fake host and a battle groupie?
I don't know, face soaked in Dizaster's loogie
But listen, your actions reflect the only thing you value is attention
You think the sh*t we say is just entertainment
You've confused battlin with wrestlin
So when they start comin at you with aggression
Don't go askin where the ref is, it was over as soon as he walked in
Bruh-Man from Martin, his entrance was actually the exit
WRCs you were throwin tantrums in the hallway
I turn the volume down, and just laugh at you and Ark's face
Bring it up now put him back into that dark place
An angry Nas fan just ramblin bout The Lost Tapes
And why are your eyes so big?
You look like they put you in that Clockwork Orange chair to watch your lame a** rounds
And when they took the clamps off your eyelids never came back down
Yo but y'all remember when this DF dude did that DX move?
You know the sh*t that 12-year-olds and rejects do?
Organik was your connect, then he had to G check you
And put an end to that bridge like KRS and his BX crew
Listen you gettin steamrolled in T.O. when I put that ego in recline
He owes me for anything he thinks he knows cuz C wrote the design
Control your thoughts like I gotta cheat code for your mind
Olympic kayak team I know how to keep rowing in line
Listen and I said SMACK rappers were bad parents due to their skin shade
To the idiots who think I was being serious
Here's where I prove I was just doing a p*ss take
He flies em out all the time to boost the views up on his page
So how could URL cats be bad parents
When every time I turn around they puttin food on this kid's plate?

You talked about wrestlin and DX, you should really forget that
Cuz in the first round I already told you about how much neck fat that your ex packs
Let's connect back
I'ma spit raw, the crowd right now, lookin a bit bored
Cuz you're talking about kayaking, but none of your bars are leaving them in awe
Cuz you've got that, 'I've spent my entire life living in a shack' swag
Eatin fried alligator in a kitchen full of black rats
His mother is his cousin and his sister is his granddad
He's called 24/7 for the amount of fingers that his hands have
Cuz you're from Florida right?
Well f**k off back to your swamp faggot, backyard lookin like the Ewok planet
Look at me when I'm dissin you
24 bodyin me? I will not have it, this gator's gettin zipped up, Lacoste jacket
And I find it really lovely that, your girlfriend's family took you in
And started actin like your mom and dad and I don't care
If nowadays they treat you like a son they had
If you refer to him as dad or sir you're a f**king t***!
Now a few years ago, he claimed he's religious
His girl dumped him for one day and now he’s saying he isn't
It don't matter the days delivered
Jesus Christ is for life Cameron, he ain't just for Christmas
Your girl's family don't like you, they tolerate you as different
You pay rent, the only reason you're staying is business
The fact that no family photos feature your face is deliberate
He's called Cam, it's only right they make him take all the pictures
Imagine him makin the dinners
Like: 'Well, I hate black people, so what I've got you is eggwhites
I used my inflated sense of self worth, to make the bread rise
I'm a bitter motherf**ker so I squeezed on a fresh lime,'
And they're like 'yea that's great Cameron, let's buy takeout next time.'
Now these words’ll never hurt him, but this pen knife to his neck might
It can open a top and leave you with a Red Stripe
My freestyles outcla** what those consider the best writes
So I'm itching to go off a tha top, head lice!
See I could 3-0 you with writtens and freestyle f**k him up tomorrow
Bro we can battle four times monthly if you want though
I'll mark out 24 every week, like it's my lucky number on the lotto!

This dude's still goin with them old gimmicks
He brought up head lice, and that British swag is just like head lice
Black people don't get it
But you know what, but you know when I saw the b*t*h in this guy
When you let Diz get away with spittin in your face and pretend that it's fine
See your reputation is very different to mine
I'm known for what comes outta my mouth
Not for what someone else is spittin inside
I mean damn, I know Dizaster has some reach
But you shouldn't have to be sittin in between 2 chains on a plastic seat
To know if someone pushes you hard enough you have to swing
I mean growin up what kind of lessons did your daddy teach?
'Son if another man b*t*hes you up, ehhh it's just the way it has to be,'
I mean you couldn’t react, couldn't make words attach for speech
A striking similarity to how one has to be during an opponent’s rounds while battlin
See this why I had to leave
These battle geeks actually think the rules in here apply outside of the battle ring
And it's sad to see
Yo Alex T., I'll take a false sense of reality for a thousand please
See on camera he got his nose up
Livin like a lavish king every reaction from a fan is like a rose petal thrown at his feet
So when he gets off stage he can't switch off his mentality
And when someone disrespects him in real life
This faggot thinks there's still a contract to keep something from happening
Victory has defeated you, I'm Bane with the Batman's back to knee
Snap his spine expose this spoiled brat's disguise and I'm taking his mask with me
Now I see why Organik thought you'd be a perfect match for me
You think battle rap is self t**led
And I approach the battle scene with apathy
Yo listen, cuz in real life, you can't call on punchlines and reb***als for help
But I guess when you use the battle world as your life's crutch
You tend to forget how to stand up for yourself

Yo, alright so you mentioned that bar about black people
And went to the crowd and try and dap your friends
Yo Mook, real talk he will never f**kin wash that hand again
This event's got Hitman, Rex for those who like performance that's sick
Conceited, Chilla Jones, for those who like bars that force you to think
Pretentious emo w***er ain't a category we’d normally pick
So f**k the match-ups, I spent 3 months tryin to work out who his audience is
I thought that you quit
Stop searchin for new found glory from this
Me and your girl link in parks she's on a collision course for my d**k
Some thought he won battles, you'll get a fat lip for talking that sh*t
I'll have anyone who says he won ate too before they can blink
He called his album 'Room Full Of Empty Bottles,'
I know what that was about
Every time you got killed in a battle
You let some splash on the ground
Room full of empty bottles?
I've got the hang of it now, you're talking about the ma**ive amount of trash you put out
Can you really imagine fans standin around a Walmart, waitin for yours
O-Dog's the only guy I seen after Cam tape in the store
Back home if you get air it means that they've been ignored
So you gave Christ air so many times
Damn on Tony Hawk you’d have an eight-digit score
Do you think I can spit like this guy? Certainly
You're like a slanted treadmill
I'll run up on you if you're that way inclined verbally
I'm on a big time murder spree, I'm like DiCaprio in his Django home
I'll rub it in his face if this b*t*h tries servin me
Now remember that contract we both got roped into
Sayin I won't get payed if I Dose this dude
Well I made a few changes and sent it back so now there's no issue
And actually now I don't get paid if I don't hit you
But he made his own bit too, and these are the conditions:
If you think I won you can't say or treat him any different
Americans who say I won, are in treasonous positions
And it's now legally sufficient, you could all go to jail if you tweet me your opinion
He stalked those World Dom judges to the streets where they were livin
He's hidin in the bushes, he can see 'em in the kitchen
He walks down the pathway, masked face, convinced that he was gonna kill 'em
And opened the door he's like :
'I disagree with your decision!'
So it's three rounds in, let's take a look at this clash
It's three-zip, 24 just got put in a bag
So until the next time, I get booked for a match
I got five words for King Of The Dot: It's good to be back!

Alright, this is for anybody that's ever had to work for a livin for real
Yo listen
See if you wanna be great, bein honest is an obvious trait
As well as affecting those around you in a positive way
I think of Lincoln unlockin the chains off of all of them slaves
Stephen Hawkin not being able to speak or walk but still droppin knowledge today
You see you wanna be great
But the problem remains that when you get off of the stage all you seem to garner is hate
Whether it's rappers not being paid
You turnin your back on people that helped Don't Flop get its name
I mean the more you say what you're not, the more we see you're not what you say
See I still get emails from fans sayin they were fightin addiction
And my music gave 'em the strength for them to finally kick it
I'ma teacher now, dedicated my life to the children
Tryin provide 'em with wisdom, and I see 'em every day poverty stricken
And the odds that they're given are less than a win on a lottery ticket
But they still fightin the system
I tell 'em it's like Omar on The Wire when he was locked up and they were tryin to kill him
Cuz those books are what's gonna keep them from dying in prison
Yo listen, and I ain't even tryin to come off high and pretentious
F**k rap I'm tryin to show you why there's a difference between us as men outside of this business
You're a spoiled brat, and since birth everything in life you've been given
You never had to struggle, never had to hustle, or work a nine-to-five for a livin
What you know about sellin music but lackin profits?
Bussin tables in a restaurant and a second job workin overnight stackin boxes?
You don't know what it's like at a construction site formin steel cuttin pipes all week
Flexin concrete and your nose got you sneezin dust at night
Listen, shoutouts to those who do what they can for they fam to pay the bills
Every job I just mentioned I've done I know the way you feel
That's why those that know me say I'm real and those that don't know you hate you still
Cuz there's a difference between a man who shows up to the table to fill his plate
And the man who brings the plates to fill
And you told Organik it was over for me so there's a question I gotta ask you here
Even if you bodied me, slaughter me straight trash me here
What would you be ending? My rap career that's been over for the past three years
You think the principal at the school I work at watches battles on the low
And after I get home he's gonna call me in his office
Like: 'Due to the loss you took to this U.K. rapper no one knows
Unfortunately Mr. Buckles we're gonna have to let you go.'
Point being today even your most valued effort will be worthless
Cuz I know there's nothing that could be said within your verses that would hurt me as a rapper or affect me as a person

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