24/7 vs Dose Lyrics

24/7 Lyrics

I am 24 times better than 7
Sh*t, wait, 24 times 7, his 16's get ate
Add it up, and I'll give y'all a second for this perfect metaphor to set in
It's like my job consists of three 8 hour shifts the way I'm working 24/7
At 24/7, now that's all week
So I peeped your battles homie, they're all weak
So if he thinks he kicks live it's strictly he's spitting lies
How you go by 24/7 and ain't battled in 365?
So you ain't done sh*t in a year and trust it shows
That's why this time around you asked, "Who the f**k is Dose?"
I mean this girl should've never been placed in last years World Domination
Cause we knew that he had no chance
Now you getting demoted quick you bony b*t*h
Going from a Bender to a Dose like a rehab program
Organik set you up with Bender so he prepared your fate
And it's fair to say he scared you straight
You were over your head should've seen your embarra**ed face
But the truth came out when the camera's on 24 like surveillance tapes
And you probably the type of fag to say "swag", right?
But muhf**ka don't mess with mine
When it comes to battles I'm content with rhymes, on of the best to rhyme
F**k this battle I got Sketch in mind
Well this half a**ed rapper gets left behind
Wait, y'all get it? Half, a**, left beh- never mind
So tell me, who consider you a top tier dude?
When all you've ever done is lose to some top tier dudes
Better yet, you lost to a dude in a sweater vest
Reverse Live, Reverse Live, ran over you like reverse drive, reverse drive
So your writtens are just filler
Win a couple battles and you lost like one, two, three
So you like a washed up drug dealer holding on to the time you flipped that one QP
Let's go

I don't think you understand what type of trap that your president done set you in
And with a voice that high pitched, I wouldn't be surprised if your bloodline pump estrogen and peppermints
One thing you've never been is relevant
See you think you nice as f**k and you might be up to level six but you ain't on that 7 sh*t
See I took a couple L's and they were questioning
And now I'm back, better than I ever been
Here to prove that what my rapping means to the battle scene is what Gretzsky meant to Edmonton
You see I had a couple losing rounds but I'm back up on my ruthless style
I got to show y'all just what it is exactly what I do to clowns
I will go elbow deep in your b*t*h, get a hold of them fallopians and pull 'em out
And then walk up into the crowd and start pa**ing tubes around like a hooka lounge
You see, I won't hesitate to put a boot to this guy's jaw
Watch him vegetate into juice cause his life's gone
And then Cam' will be killing everybody on his family tree
Just to separate him from his Roots like Dice Raw
See I don't need a higher education to provide an explanation As to why this feather weight is gonna die for testing greatness
And if this guy is getting cake then we gon' ride to where he stays
And I'ma find his checks and take 'em like an IRS invasion
If you don't like then you hating, think I'm biting just be patient
Cause I'm just proving that I can still make statements even when I rhyme with Bender's cadence
And when I see this guy I'm getting angered
Cause his rhymes are just a basic example of why I
Gotta spend the rest of my life being ashamed of my entire generation
I'm snuffing haters, saying "Hello" and then greet you with a fist
F**k a battle I'm only here to suffocate y'all with the pillow y'all been sleeping on me with

If you got that main event status then your division is all misplaced
O-Zone, go home, I'll leave you b*t*hes all erased
It made the news I ate his food, finger prints were lifted off the plate
After the battle later that day you know what this kid will prolly say?
He'll be like, "Nice stuff." Knife duck, that jook him off that stage
Hop down throw a couple kicks and on the way
No identification when the st**ches caused by blades for the victim's altered face
Stick and rob, tonsils shish kabob
My precision with incisions always great
So watch me split up 24 like teenagers pitching on a case
Now he's got lots of bars where he's talking hard
Other than that his penman sucks
But you from a top notch life sonny, the suburbs so something doesn't measure up
You ain't got no knives, quit yapping about the blades you never tuck
Some sh*t popped off outside I bet it would shake 7-Up
Now I say I respect your hustle and how you put work in on rap
But I see some callous's on your hand cause you been j*rking off Kap
But Kap ain't sharing any benefits of giving Cameron any Benjamins
So you know that's true
So judging by your shape and Kap's waist
Bender wasn't the first time your food's been eaten by a fat dude
Now that I think about it, sh*t it's no wonder why he beat bony
Madness fat, Kap is fat, Mad Ill is fat, damn, you never get to eat homie
Now when 20 acting funny he get dummied like the clown type
He tried being jokey with Bender cause he thought it's what our crowd likes
He threw up that slap bracelet line, they all laughed cause it sound nice
But muhf**ka you so skinny you use one it go around twice
Yeah I b*t*h about my opponents before
I was grateful really just hoping for something more
But I battled a bunch of bums already so that makes me low pro Dose the way I'm rolling on 24
So end of the day, end of the week, you just another lame freshman
Cause this like a series end in a sweep cause you ain't got no game 7

Now if you saw the blog that was made by this f**king midget
You would've seen a couple of his friends, a bunch of children and some ugly b*t*hes
All talking sh*t about me, and out of everybody in it
I noticed that only one of them was one with skin of a colored pigment
So that proved to me something that this chump can't hide
Not only does he sound like Eric Cartman
But he only hangs out with nothing but kids, hermaphrodites and one black guy
By the way, Arcane you talk sh*t about me too but you really need to stop it cause
You were never really the champ you just kept that chain moving like a sprocket does
And both of y'all are from the 905, right?
It's real clear where your home is
But whenever y'all step in this ring y'all embarra** Hamilton worse than Serius Jones did
See, you took Arcane's style and ran with it
Cause when you didn't rap like him no one listened before
So I guess he's like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man
Had to use another man's vision to get through the door
See I eat MC's but no calories gain and now you trying to come after my name?
I permanently take you out your comfort zone and make you spend the rest of your career out of your lane like Alice In Chains
I hit him up with that switch, dagger or blade
On some picture and picture sh*t and split half of his frame
And I got some team snipers that are automatic with aim
So when I say you should cease fire I ain't talking about the Calgary Flames
And you're done, there's nothing you actually gain
I think somebody needs to tell your daddy Arcane
That the little faggot he trained needs his batteries changed
So I shouldn't have to explain why this rapper is lame
How ironic all he does is wear Ecko and everything he says sounds exactly the same

Alright listen, racist bars, right?
One black friend? Sh*t I thought you'd come with some more sh*t
But while we're there, my black friend is bigger and darker than yours is
Alright Cameron, you got your head up your a** if you think a team of dream cats
Gets a free pa** you don't wanna see me spaz
Yo 'Ganik you should've gave this little white girl Cameron; Diaz
And you're an actor, you know how phony Cam's can be
So don't let Cameron tweet what the fans can see
You ain't as hood as you let that Can' believe
Go to the hood with some c-notes to cop piano keys
Bad choice, that would be stupid but if happen to choose it
You'll be clapped if you do it like cla**ical music
So when me and Cam' met today it was f**king awkward yo
He walked up not looking like he was not ready to lock and load
Thought he was gonna start dropping bows so I thought "whooo!" not with those
Then he came up with "Honk. got your nose!"
You f**king idiot dawg, with your tough talk, gun stock you're p*ssing me off
Fake a** American thug wouldn't even shoot a video blog
I mean, you didn't have to go all out, maybe just recorded something on your mobile phone
But if that's a window to your creativity looks like nobody's home
So face it 20 you're basic dummy
It's jackpot when I hit 7 three times and take his money
And I take his honey, she was giving me all this attention like a new dog
When I rolled up she was wearing a cute thong and a tube top
When I walked in the house she had her c*ck in her mouth before I even kicked my shoes off
Your girl pu**y been recycled, picked up so many times she's got a blue box
She kept while y'all talking about marriage and parenting
So I taped that b*t*h mouth shut cause sh*t I didn't care a bit
I ripped her panties off, smacked her, said, "You useless embarra**ment."
Cause I looked down, that Florida b*t*h was pro Bush like a stupid American
So listen, I'ma get violent now cause this is wild out season
Y'all watch this skinny white b*t*h die by a Dose, we call it Winehouse treatment

You look like you're stuck in your dwarf or midget phase
You're a really gay, mini Cane
Why'd you enter in this fam'? You've got the voice of Rikki Lake
Piglet's face and Winnie's shape
You're quite the mixture of a man
See you trying to kick it but you can't, your rhymes are ridiculously planned
You're just another victim, willing to lose his life for spitting it with Cam'
But see me and my riders pillaging the land
It's a murk fest I'm up in the bird's nest sniping anything I can
We all down if we have to get the weapons
But if you wanna scrap til this sh*t is settled call me Axle from Twisted Metal, I'm twice as willing with the hands
I don't know why you wanna test this, I am on some next sh*t
Violent and aggressive, try and get your head split
You rhyme to accepted
But I'm like a bike rack when I rap cause my bars are only meant for the riders to connect with
I say what I feel on that underground tip
And no matter what the preference of each judge or crowd is I ain't dumbing down sh*t
And if y'all wondering why I ain't use a lot of personals to shut him down with
It's cause I'm still trying to figure out exactly who the f**k this clown is
I don't know why y'all would put him on a pedestal this dude is weak
Why would I have respect for some feather weight who's resume is about as credible as my losing streak
One thing I do know is he's undefeated, but his battles haven't got the views
So it's safe to say when it comes to your style the fans are not amused
And since you just got rolled through we'll just call you Frank The Tank from Old School
Cause your streak is coming to an end before anybody follows you

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