20th September Thoughts Lyrics

96ix Lyrics

Hold on, hold on
Oh wait a minute, man
I gotta tell y’all something
Aww man, forreal
Yeah, yao

I'm from a side where anybody think they're gonna be
The greatest of the town, everytime I look around of me
And anybody feel like they the one of 'em all
It's like I'm at the fashion week but chillin' at the mall
Hold up, it's like they show off for a girl
Am I wrong shorty?
Looking gay as hell, don't ask me why they all ignoring
Everybody rocking same shoe game
Wore it 'fore you came, now I don't do same
I'm just kidding tho, look there's another hoe
Nowadays you feel like 04 is your home tho
What the f**k is wrong tho? 
B*t*h on the phone yo
Dog filter snap chatting, what are you going for?
Hey, sh*t got crazy, you're a b*t*h when you behave
And if you show up as a f**k boy the b*t*hes' pu**y's safe
Really? What is happening?
All them hoes battling?
Which of them b*t*hes f**ked a better looking fashion king?
But where your heart at? I have tried my hardest
To get a woman's heart but rejected me the hardest
Aww I hope you all get it
I sent her love from Paris, guess she didn't get it
Uh, I talked about them hoes, it's crazy if you ask me
Looking like they 20 but you gotta take like 5 from it
Sh*t, what do you say?
Tell me what's your answer when your mom says
"Where you going honey?
"Need some more money?"
"Take care and don't forget to call me honey?"
But does she know who you really gonna meet?
Does she know you spend her money on that weed?
You don't take care and let here calling on repeat
That's a bad behavior, b*t*h level complete, sorry
I feel like it's a bad time to talk about it
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that thinks about it
It's not all about them girls please don't get me wrong
I just had tell about it on my song
But them young guys, they act like they're  some bigger
Nowadays they use their cell phones as a trigger
They shoot a boy with hate comments, all on social media
Doesn't matter if it's social I don't f**k with any media
It turned bad you get them likes by showing body
Not knowing all your pictures are available, for anybody
Why does a young boy get all that fake fame
While another good guy is out there playing real games
I mean it's sad but I can't change it alone
Prolly some of you not listening but checking out them phones

But I don't care
Prolly some of you not listening, I don't care
Aye, but I don't care
Prolly some of you not listening
I don't care aww

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