83HADES Lyrics

I'm scorin’ in Brooklyn like Kevin Durant
I'm with your b*t*h off the alprazolam
I got a 40 in my waistband
I got your life sittin' right in my hands
Brodie gon’ run up and die for a band

I'm on the block b*t*h you know where I stand
She tryna take pics I think she a fan
She flashin her pu**y right up on the cam
All black on my hoodie what you see when I blam
Shoot with suppressors, can you even hear it?
Made friends with my demons, I'm talkin to spirits
They said they don't know me but copy my lyrics
I saw them at Ross they were shopping at Clearance
I get to the money with no interferencе
I'm not here cause I likе you, i just like your appearance
When I'm off of a 30, I'm gettin' incoherent
I pulled up in a cab she suck me while I’m steering

I ain’t scared of no bullet, no death, I don't fear it
I ain’t scared of no b*t*h, I'ma pull up and sear it
All these copycats they just keep on appearin'
She gettin' sad cuz I switch now she tearin’
I'm grabbin' the choppa yeah I like to spray it
I'm grabbin' your b*t*h by the neck while she taking
And I'm a real thug all these rappers is faking
When I catch me a pig Ima turn 'em to bacon
I took too many percs now my body is aching
I'm deep in the pu**y she like how I slay it
Pull out my hand already know Ima bang it
Make a f**kboy suicide now he hangin

1 night, 2 straps
Yeah I took his chain and he can't get it back
Yeah I took his b*t*h, I be hittin' that
Ain't no mac n' cheese, we be spittin' MACs
Stab me in back, saw his head, then I pushed it back
Said he need some crack, get my and keep on coming back
Yeah I got the ball but little b*t*h I ain't no runner back
If you need a bar, hit up Dee, he ain't gon' cut it back

And they had to take me off the streets because I like to stab
How do I be f**king b*t*hes raw, but I ain't no dad
Why the f**k you even got a chop if you don't fill the mag
Blue tips on my bullets little b*t*h we totin' different straps
Told her give me head, no little b*t*h don't give me t** for tat
Filled it up with ice and sold it to him, we make different bags
Cut his body up and throw 'em out and now he in the trash
Wanna pull her tracks but she just said she ain't into that
Reachin' for your gun, we gon' shoot sh*t first
Now he actin like he really with it, put 'em in a hearse
I be f**king with these gothic b*t*hes you might catch a curse
If you talking sh*t then you can die over a few words

This no sesame but yes I do be movin' big ol' birds
Ever since you said my f**king name, yeah I wish the worst
Might aswell just kill yourself right now because It's getting worse
Walking to the trap I take his money then he kicked the curb
I'm a grizzly bear I'm really thuggin' you a little worm
I be sellin' ciggies 5 a pop and yes they dipped in sherm
Come in to my f**king block and see if you can spin and learn
Pole up in my hand, little b*t*h you know I grip it first
H-H-Hit 'em in the head I light 'em up and watch his body burn
You been sucking way too much d**k now It's your shawty's turn
I'ma knock the life right out his body so it can't return
They gon' try and copy but I did it first

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