2018 ARIA Awards “Song Of The Year” Acceptance Speech Lyrics

5 Seconds of Summer Lyrics

They blew us away in the top of the show with their track certified six-times platinum in Australia, with worldwide sales of over 5 Million. The Youngblood album has racked up more than one billion streams worldwide. The third consecutive Australian number one album for 5SOS, and their third number one on the US Billboard 200 charts, making 5SOS the first Australian act to achieve that. Ladies and gentleman, the Apple Music song of the year, "Youngblood", 5 Seconds of Summer!

Hello, Australia, good to see you all. I think wе got here through sheer detеrmination to up our game every single time we come back with a record. And you saw us grow up, you saw every step of the way, you've seen us, since we were 16, in front of you, and we're staying here today as men, and we're very proud of where we came from and the music we create. So thank you to everybody, this song changed our lives and our career and it's wonderful to see you all.

Yeah, thanks to the other nominees, those songs are incredible and this is amazing. Thank you to everyone at EMI music, Sony ATV. Who am I forgetting? All the fans, thank you so much for listening. Australia, we love you, thank you so much! This is incredible.

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