1221 Lyrics

Qwel & Jackson Jones Lyrics

If you feel you are not properly sedated
Call 3-4-8-8-4-4 immediately
Failure to do so may result in prosecution for criminal drug evasion

She figures this forming of mourning, this morning of haunting is hopeless
And copes with the storming of ugly with born again vultures
Belonging, that the song that she’s longing to sing
Is ringing the stinging of wanting of opiates
Hopes she gets over this holiest mountain
The focus blips out of it
Down a bit lower
The loneliness fits like the rope she grips
So closely it hinges
Sees only it
Cold and rejected, perfected alone we can see it
This oubliette name of it, new regret
Who forgets how we f**k up, don’t deserve it
Purpose no secret, she seeks it and flirts with it
Percocet weakness and weekends of nervous sweats
Wrenchin' her guts and her mind
Obstructin' her mind
Clutchin' the rungs but there’s drugs on the climb
Whisper, the sun doesn’t shine
Flickering candles, the annals of time
No bickering, fickle mechanical, Anna go blind, Anna go blind, and Anna go blind

I see her sitting in her favorite corner
Figuring on her fingers and toes
How she figures she knows what everyone else is thinking
Only she knows
Besides me

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